The Legislation and Laws Behind Gun Ownership and Control

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Gun control is the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians. Gun ownership is a right by the American constitution under the Second Amendment. People who support gun ownership in the United States suggest guns provide them safety those who support gun control say gun violence is at an all-time high thanks to legal gun ownership. I will be examining the pros and cons of gun control, what reason people support or are against authority and my opinion on control.

Most countries have a restrictive firearm guiding policy, with only a few legislations was being categorized as permissive. Jurisdictions that regulate the access to firearms restrict the access to only specific categories of weapons and then to limit the types of persons who will are we going to be granted a license to have access to a firearm. In some countries such as the United States, gun control may be legislated at a federal level or a local state level. Australia is another country that limits access to guns to its citizens. Australia is strict on gun control because of a mass shooting that happens over twenty years ago that resulted in deaths of thirty-five people; The prime minister during that time was John Howard. Mr Howard set up gun reforms that restricted gun ownership and reducing mass shootings to zero. Australia has not banned gun ownership but made it difficult to access and own a gun. Another part of a country that has strict gun ownership is the UK. The UK gun owners go through a background check, pay certificate fees, renewal fees, and be assessed by their local police to have a gun legally. Gun owners must safely secure their weapons. I believe that having background checks, pay certificate fees, renewal fees and be assessed by the local police is good because the government does not want people that are crazy that own guns and do not know anything about gun safety and guns in general. If we do this process right, we will have fewer mass shootings and fewer crime rates. If we do put restriction an individual weapon or modification of a gun, the people are going to find a way to get that weapon or change. The people are going to have to do illegal or legal for a modification or gun. People have the right to bear arms, but why do we need a full-automatic rifle in our homes for self-defense. I would not like to have a fully automatic gun for self-defense. I want something semi-automatic for self-defense.

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Many people that support gun control is the fear of what gun control could restrict. In the past death of dozens of people in mass shootings, the public had a generally positive view on guns. For example, Walmart had ammo in its stores available and rifles in the stores for sale until 2015. After the shooting in El Paso, Texas, in Walmart, Walmart does not sell any more ammo in 2019. Gun control supports viewed that companies’ action as significant because similar types of weapon are used by shooters in recent mass shootings, including an attack on a Colorado movie theatre by a gunman who killed twelve people and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in which 20 children and six staff members dead. I believe that if the government puts an armed police officer with semi-automatics rifles at schools, movies, and special event. The shooter will not have intended to shoot a mass group of people because the police officers have the semi-automatic rifle and they are trained to shoot better than an average person that shoots. If we add restrictions on stores, people are going to find a way to obtain whatever they want.

Not everyone is pro-gun control. People firmly believe in the Second Amendment have continued to support gun rights and oppose the stricter gun policy. The most significant support for gun rights is the NRA. The NRA stands for National Rifle Association. This organization politicians were calling this group a “Terrorist” because they do not know who these people are that support this group. These people are regular citizens that protect the Second amendment. The NRA fought for years to keep the rights of American citizens that own guns. The main reason for those that are pro-gun control is fear. People want a means to protect themselves from criminals or a suspicious person. People wish to and feel the need to defend themselves if others attack them. I believe that if someone enters my home and have the intent to hurt my family or me, I will protect myself with my guns. I do not anyone want my family or me trouble because I want to make sure that everyone is safe, and no one is in danger.

The second reason is that laws do not discourage criminals and terrorists. People that are against gun control feel that the current gun laws do not reduce criminal activity or terrorists’ attacks. People think that illegal guns make it easy to commit a crime no matter what of limit or no access to legal firearms. In a 2016 news article it states that crimes are most performed by those with access to illegal weapons and a small fraction of those crimes is performed by legal gun owners “… in approximately 8 out of 10 cases, the perpetrator was not a lawful gun owner but rather in illegal possession of a weapon that belonged to someone else.” (Ingraham). The third reason is that supports gun control believe that gun ownership discourages crimes. I think that if someone has access to a gun legally, those that wish to rob someone or a store. For example, will not fear of being shot by the store owner or someone. These are just some reasons that I am against gun control. It is essential to pay attention and look at other countries that fully support gun control, resulting in the minimal availability of gun to the public.

In conclusion, guns have many places in society. I feel that I have a right to protect to own a gun to defend myself and my family. I support gun ownership because I want to feel safe. I believe that possession of a firearm allows me to prevent and discourage crimes as well for promoting a feeling of security. For mass shooting or terrorist attacks, they are going to constant and easy to access weapons has made gun violence a big issue for the government in the United States and the public. I believe that gun control is ineffective and want things to change with the stores like Walmart having to get rid of ammunition and rifles on its selves. There is little in terms of restriction see in United States law. If Walmart gets rid of its shotguns, guns, and ammunition, that means that every store that sells shotguns, rifles, and ammo needs to take that away to. There is small in terms of restriction see in United States law. This demonstrates that other countries like the United Kingdom and Australia who have strict ownership. Such as laws that have led to a diminishing event of gun-related crime in these countries. The United States believes in the right to bear arms. People need to realize the need to reform when it comes to gun control and violence. America holds almost half of the world’s total number of citizens that own guns are seeming challenging to deal with an expectation. The united states of America need to assess gun violence and increase gun control while maintaining the Second Amendment right. For example, guns are banned, and citizens are not allowed to have a weapon to defend themselves. If a male that is named Joe enters with the intent to rob Kevin. Kevin is unarmed. Joe has a knife, and then Joe charges Kevin. Joe stabs Kevin in the rib cage four times then cuts Kevin’s throat. This demonstrates that if we have gun control, we a citizen cannot protect our self from criminals or terrorist. We are going to change the scenario up. If Joe enters with the intent to rob Kevin. Kevin has a Glock-17 for self-defense weapon. A Glock-17 made by Austria 9x19mm used by law enforcement. Joe begins and tries to stab Kevin. Kevin pulls his pistol from his safe and tells Joe “get out of my house. I am armed and not afraid to use my pistol.” Joe tries to run at Kevin. Kevin shoots for body mass, aka the center mass of the body. He goes to court and tells the judge I use my weapon as self-defense because “Joe ran at me with a knife I gave him a command to leave my house and did not listen to my power. That is when I discharged my firearm. I support the Second Amendment in the United States.

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