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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Controversial Views on Race

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hails from one of the most illustrious political lineages in the annals of American history, yet his personal legacy remains a tapestry of intricacies. As the nephew of the former President, John F. Kennedy, and the son of the ex-Attorney General...

Politicians as the Decision Makers Must Share the Blame

Throughout world war 1, 1914, there were several campaigns fought by the ANZAC’s. The most well-known was the Gallipoli campaign of 1914 fought by the British allies against the Turkish forces. The campaign caused several heavy casualties. Most individuals now days would say that these...

Politicians and Comedians: It's Time to Change the Voice

Sociopolitical jokes circulated on social media are frequently irreverent and sometimes reflect ignorance. But those that center on issues that are emotive, unpleasant or confusing are often wildly popular. That is because the humor provides comic relief that temporarily defuses the tense feeling evoked by...

Failed Politicians in Mexico: the Lack of Class Consciousness

In Mexico politics has been defined as the art of governing or as the art of the possible. The content of the policy is a relationship between classes and social groups, both economic and immediate and long-term interests. In Mexico there have been several politicians...

The Importantce of Social Media Influence for Modern Politicians

Early analysis on the results of television election coverage showed that exposure to political broadcasts provided voters with vital information regarding campaign problems and policy proposals. The rise of the internet and social media saw a decline in the audience for television, as now media...

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