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Democratic Primary Debate: Best And Worst

I believe that Kamala Harris did the best job in answering the moderators’ questions and did so with specific evidence. Harris did a really good job in answering almost all of the questions directly as well as stating evidence that supports her positions. For example,...

John F. Kennedy: The Most Important President in the History of the U.S.

The role of a president is not the easiest of tasks to be taken lightly. Running a campaign and successfully winning is the easiest part about the job. A very important task for the president is to keep the people of the nation on your...

2020 U.S. Presidential Election Background

Election are at the centre of majority rules system which is democracy. Regardless of whether democracy conceived more than election the society still need to be a participant in order to decide for the public decision. As example, the citizens in some state can get...

Overview and Analysis of 2012 Presidential Election Campaigns

The 2012 presidential election is a very unique election, when compared to any others. This election would be the start for campaigns to begin taking a more modern approach to get votes for their candidates. Between the Republican nominee Mitt Romney and the current President...

Senator Bernie Sanders Mourns Death of El Paso Shooting Victims

Senator Bernie Sanders Mourns Death of El Paso Shooting Victims with a Moment of Silence. Everyone is still reeling from the shock of the recent El Paso Shooting and Senator Bernie Sanders is no exception. He sweetly honored the memory of the victims during his...

Bernie Sanders: Confidence Indecency of Nation

There have been speculations about Bernie Sander’s health as he is the “most senior candidate” in the Democratic race. People are left with uncertainty after he suffered a heart attack just three weeks before the October debate. The 78-year old Senator addresses the issue during...

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