2020 U.S. Presidential Election Background

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Election are at the centre of majority rules system which is democracy. Regardless of whether democracy conceived more than election the society still need to be a participant in order to decide for the public decision. As example, the citizens in some state can get rid someone that they dislikes for them to elect the favourable decision maker for them. As in America, it must include the cautious examination for any evaluation of democracy in their country which is on the electoral system and on how it working. The 2020 presidential election of United States have been decided to be held on 3 November 2020 that will be the 59th quadrennial United States presidential political decision. This election is to choose another president and vice president or maybe to re-choose the current officeholders in United States. In order for the candidates of the election 2020 to be selected as the next president of United States, the candidates need to get at least 270 votes in order to win this political decision. If there are no candidates getting this 270 votes, the United States House of Representatives will choose the presidents from the three competitors that got the most constituent votes, and the United States Senate will choose the vice president from the applicants that got the two most elevated aggregates. The arrangement of presidential essential decisions and gatherings is probably going to be held during the initial a half year of 2020. This choosing procedure is additionally a roundabout political race, where voters cast polling forms choosing a record of representatives to an ideological group's selecting show, who at that point thusly choose their gathering's presidential chosen one and their bad habit presidential running mate.

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As for today, some questions have arisen regarding the issue whether the current president of United States, Donald Trump can still can win this re-election because all the attention have been given to the democrats and the candidates that mostly wanted to take over Trump. The general political decision isn't just about the administration, nonetheless. Democrats also get an opportunity to assume responsibility for the US Senate from Republicans, with 34 out of 100 seats on the ballot and about 33% of those looking focused. Democrats likewise will attempt to guard their greater part in the House of Representatives, where each of the 435 seats come on the ballot at regular intervals. States will have authoritative decisions and 11 of them will hold races for representative. But, there are some procedure that the candidates needs to follow before they can involve in the political race of United States 2020. The main procedure is in article two of the United States Constitution expresses that for an individual to fill in as leader of the United States the individual must be a characteristic conceived native of the United States, at any rate 35 years of age and a United States inhabitant for in any event 14 years. Possibility for the administration regularly look for the selection of one of the different ideological groups of the United States, in which case each gathering builds up a technique as example, an essential political decision to pick the up and comer the gathering considers most appropriate to keep running for the position. The essential races are generally circuitous races where voters cast voting forms for a record of gathering agents swore to a specific candidate. The Twenty-second Amendment to the Constitution expresses that an individual can't be chosen for the administration more than twice. This denies previous presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Hedge, and Barack Obama from being chosen president once more.

Besides that, there are in excess of 224 million individuals of casting a ballot age in the US. The 2020 electorate will be more differing and more youthful than any other time in recent memory, as per a January 2019 investigation from the Pew Research Center. Non-white voters will represent 33% of qualified voters and their biggest offer ever. One out of 10 qualified voters will be of Generation Z which are between ages of 18 and 23. In 2016, about 30% of Americans who were qualified to cast a ballot chose not to or were blocked, however given the flood in turnout for the 2018 midterm decisions, 2020 could see an extended electorate. Be that as it may, specialist state voter concealment and manipulating may have blocked Democrats in 2018 and may keep on countering the impacts of an increasingly eager democratic base. Next, the current election of United States 2020 basically have more candidates than before. In order to stay as the candidates in the election they need to pass several stages that have been imposed towards them. The famous or leading candidates will continue to pull away in the polls and it also will reduced the candidates from time to time as the political race heats up. Besides, the candidates have been reduced from 27 candidates to 19 candidates only. Then, the candidates also need to take part in debating about the current issues that happens in their country. This debates was held by Democrats and it have about three debates which is about 20 candidates takes parts in the first two debates held while for the third, only 10 candidates can take part in the debates because of the stricter Democratic National Committee rules.

So, there are several candidates that passed the third stage of Democratic Debate. First, Joseph R. Biden Jr or Joe Biden, 76 years old is a former vice president of U.S. He has run and been elected in presidential election for twice and this 2020 election would be the last chance for him to participate. He is one of the candidates that have a practical and realistic personality and has connection to blue collar workers. His main proposal in 2020 Presidential Election are related to climate action plan and economic protection to low in come schools and workers. Next, the second candidates is Elizabeth Warren 70, a Senator from Massachusetts believes that U.S need a big and structural change. She has released a complete plan that have possibility to reshape the economy. The main issue that has been pointed out by Warren is inequality of income and from her perspective it is like an attack from big corporation and political corruption towards middle class. Furthermore, the third candidate is a 78 years old Senator from Vermont and also a former congressman, Bernie Sanders. In last 2016, Bernie Sanders was a runner-up candidate for Democratic. The candidate from Democrat party said a government and economy that can work for all would be the one that win the election. In his continuous proposal, he stress out about Medicare which is meant for all and discuss about tuition-free public college to the undergraduate student. Besides, Kamala Harris, 54 years old who is a Senator from California and also a former Attorney General of California also one of the candidates in the election of 2020. She is one new comer from Democrat Party to join the Senate. She questioned Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett M. Kavanaugh after tough questioning about Trump’ cabinet nominee.

After that, Pete Buttigieg, 37, a former consultant of McKinsey and company is the first candidate to run for president who is openly gay. He has often spoken about the fight to legalize same-sex marriage on the campaign trail. His website has no policy positions. He has virtually no paid presence in the most important states. Lastly, the candidates is Cory Booker, 49 years old candidate who has served the U.S Senator since 2013. Invoking the tradition of American civil rights and women’s suffrage movements, the New Jersey senator called for a return to a “common sense of purpose” during his candidacy announcement. But, because of his past financial ties to banking and drug companies, booker could have trouble capturing the hearts of the progressive Democratic base. So, the United States election 2020 being the hot topics around the world especially for their country as for everyday they will always have new update or news about the candidates. Moreover, the candidates also have their own plan for this election and a lot of campaign have been held by them in order to promote themselves. But who is the most favourable candidates that have caught the heart of the society by promoting their campaign and as internationally what is the plan that the candidates have offer in order to make the country more better especially in international trade business.

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