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Joe Biden As A Candidate

Joe Biden is a 76 years old democratic candidate who is running for president in 2020. He was born in Scranton, Pa; lives in Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Biden served as vice president in the Obama administration during the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and...

2020 U.S. Presidential Election Background

Election are at the centre of majority rules system which is democracy. Regardless of whether democracy conceived more than election the society still need to be a participant in order to decide for the public decision. As example, the citizens in some state can get...

The Two Party System is Destroying America

The two party system that our country currently has is woefully dismantling our country as it is. Our main two political groups are Democrats, like Obama, and Republicans, like Trump. The Democrats and the Republicans are in a crusade, in which the American people are...

2016 Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton's Political Campaign

In the 2016 Democratic Party vice presidential candidate selection, Hillary was looking for someone that could help attract voters and build leverage. Out of Thomas E. Perez, Senator Cory Booker, James G. Stavridis and Tim Kaine of Virginia, Hillary chose Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia...

Challenges Faced by The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is Japan’s largest and longest existing party which has held power nearly consecutively from its inception in 1955. It was formed immediately after the end of the United States Forces Occupation in 1955 by merging the two political parties (Reed, 2018)....

The Connection Between the Tea Party and A Democratic Idea

Introduction The major parties of American politics are usually considered to be the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. However, ever since the 2008 global economic recession, the media has been bustling with news regarding the Tea Party. This paper will talk about the Tea...

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