2016 Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton's Political Campaign

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In the 2016 Democratic Party vice presidential candidate selection, Hillary was looking for someone that could help attract voters and build leverage. Out of Thomas E. Perez, Senator Cory Booker, James G. Stavridis and Tim Kaine of Virginia, Hillary chose Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate. Senator Tim Kaine had more than the qualifications and background, some of Mr. Kaines strengths included that he had “working-class roots and a fluency in Spanish”.

Hillary believed these traits to be significantly important because they would increase her chances of defeating Donald J. Trump. However, one of the weaknesses was that Senator Tim would not be the first of his race to be named into a major party ticket. This caused many criticisms among her own party because he was not as “ethically challenged” compared to the other candidates which could have been historic.

The U.S. has two major political parties, however there exists third parties such as the Greens, Reformist, and the Libertarians. Each of these parties are different and unique in their own way, their ideology can be closely related or drastically different. To begin, the two major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, have major philosophical differences. One of the key differences is in their ideology, democrats are more liberal while republicans are conservatives. This can be seen in how they address certain issues such as homeland security, immigration, healthcare, tax reform, civil rights and abortion.

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The republicans, democrats and libertarians have different stances on this issue. Firstly, the republicans support human life, oppose abortion funding and would ban abortion with a constitutional amendment.The democrats support the right for a woman to choose, and believe that choice is a fundamental constitutional right. The libertarians believe it is not the government’s job and that it is the woman’s choice to decide.

Civil Rights

Republicans would constitutionally define marriage as one man and one woman, they would also ban same-sex marriage. To continue they believe that homosexuality is incompatible with military service. The democrats believe that no one should face ant type of discrimination whether if its by race, religion, gender or sexual preference.

Are also for the equal treatment of same-sex couples. Libertarians support the right for an individual to choose and decide even if one does not agree. They would also permit individuals to deny service to gays and would also permit individuals to boycott those companies. Lastly, the libertarians would repeal all laws against homosexuality.

Tax Reform

Republicans would implement tax cuts for everyone not just the wealthy because doing so would drive the economy and would help families. The low interest rates would lead to home ownership. The democrats, however, believe in tax cuts for everyone except for the wealthy or rich in order to try to distribute wealth equally. The libertarians would repeal the income tax, the IRS, and the 16th amendment.


Republicans would replace Obamacare, make medicare a more competitive system,and would provide individuals with the means to manage their own health needs. They also strongly oppose universal healthcare, as it would damage the economy tremendously. The democrats would preserve medicare, cut healthcare costs, and make it more affordable. The libertarians would eliminate medicaid or medicare, and repeal Obamacare. They would try to restore the healthcare system in which the government takes no part in.


Republicans would reform and strengthen the immigration system, they believe that an open border is a risk for our nation. Furthermore, they believe that amnesty encourages illegal immigration. Democrats would try to implement a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented people. They would also try to protect immigrants from exploitation from their employers. Libertarians would eliminate all immigration restrictions meaning that they would accept any refugees with no restrictions as to race, religion, sex, age or sexual preference.

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