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The Pledge of Allegiance: Standing Up During Its Recital

Analyzing the situation of the student, Stella Student, in regard to other Supreme Court decisions is complex and requires the utmost care in dissecting the rationale of the court in their decisions. In cases concerning the protection against sanction or persecution due to First Amendment...

Wilfred Owen Counter-Argument to Patriotic Ideology

It is the view of Marxist criticism that literary texts either support or subvert the existing economic and social systems. Wilfred Owen uses his war poetry to subvert and criticise the air of patriotic ideology engrained in British culture during the First World War, where...

Development of Nationalism in Europe (1789-1933)

The time period of 1789 to 1933 contained significant developments in the formation of nations and how the individual citizens felt towards nationalism. Zimmer describes nationalism as, “an ideology or political religion, a political movement seeking state power, a cultural formation allowing industrial societies to...

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