Patriotism: The Way It Affects Us All

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Throughout my life, I have always known my parents to encourage me to appreciate my country and all that it has to offer. To have great patriotism. But I never understood that until around the age of 10. This is when my parents started telling me about all the wars going on, and about how many children were dying in an attempt to come to America. All the women dying in a struggle to get an education for their daughters. In America, I don’t have to deal with that as a woman. That is why I love my country. Women’s rights, educational rights, religious rights, rights for all people. Many people do not know some of the advantages America has compared to other countries. Did you know in countries like Japan, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway some women do not have availability to feminine hygiene products? How insane is that?! In this essay, I will explain to you why you and everyone else should love your country just as much as I do.

Women’s rights are a freedom that I think many women take for granted in this day and age. Many countries do not offer near as many rights as we are in America. In 2017, Syrian women had just earned the right to drive (with a male in the car. ) In Switzerland, women are not allowed to flush a toilet after 10: 00 PM because it is considered noise pollution. In some parts of India, road safety rules don’t apply to women. In Yemen, a woman is considered only half a witness. Their testimony can only be labeled as acceptable if a man can back up the claim. In Vatican City, women can’t vote still.

In Ecuador, abortion is illegal unless you are a certified idiot. Also in Yemen, women can’t leave their house without their husbands’ permission. Women in America do not have to face such cruel, sexist laws as this and are not charged to any major fines, such as prison, or death. All the laws I just stated are very real and I am proud to say America has no laws similar to any of these. If there are any women reading this, please understand how lucky you are.

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