Essay Samples on Policy

Competition Policy Challenges In Emerging Technology Industries

Antitrust laws established in a democratic republic serve one ultimate purpose: to promote citizens’ well-being. Given their loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, in which the free pursuit of happiness is enthroned, the public and private sectors and the civil society of the United States of…

1882 - 1870: The Great Age of Laisez-Faire?

How Valid is it to describe the period c. 1832- 1870 as the great age of laissez-faire? In order to analyse the use and impact of laissez-faire during this time period, it is important to firstly define laissez-faire. This however is far from a simple…

Analysis Of Monetary Policy Frameworks

There are four main types of monetary policy frameworks identified from review: exchange rate targeting, inflation targeting, monetary quantity targeting and dollarization. Developing countries can chose from inflation, exchange rate and money supply as nominal targets. Most countries are moving towards inflation targeting due to…

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