Overview Of The Flawed Policies

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Most policies are not perfect, but a lot of them have a lot of faults. Policies around the word are always in a constant process of change in order to become something better. A lot of policies are drawn based on certain things such as human rights, what the policies are supposed to do and etc. The three major points that are discussed in this chapter are policy bases, Elitist & Populist policy, and evidence-based policy making.

The policy bases are the broad and general term for policies where it focuses on three keys, ideological, empirical, and ethical. The ideologically policy focuses on “policies that are desirable because they fit into the assumptions and preconceived notions of ideologically motivated actors”. It focuses on something that may be in belief religiously or even it may be on a political standpoint. Politicians would prefer one policy more than the other. The next term is empirical. An Empirical based is “policies that are somehow founded upon science and research…”. Empirical speaks for itself where it is more on doing research on a policy that is favor and doing background checks on it to see if it would be successful. The last one is ethical based. Ethical based is tends to look more on the final out from a study of what is right and wrong in a moral stand. The next main points are Elitist and populist policy making Elitist and Populist making are different from each other in a major way. The elitist way to policy making is made by a small male team who deemed to be very knowledgeable and they make the rules.

The Populist way to make a policy is by having the people who lived in an area of disarray and crime speak with government officials to discuss what policies should be made to keep the area in check. It is stated by Bonham that “You have lower rungs, in which public is essentially manipulated…”(Bonham, 10). And as the ladder goes up the middle folks and the higher end citizens are the ones who have more knowledge of what is happening. It is true that most of the time the lower end citizens are the ones that end up getting pushed and shoved by the higher end people due to the knowledge and the wealth difference.

The next policy making is evidence-based. Evidence based is solely on research and theory to identify growing problems in agencies and including in cities and town. This particular policy route ties into empirical policies. The reason why evidence based policy making can be super effective is because due to the fact it is more to prove that a policy can be an effective method instead of using something that everyone favors. Evidence based can be good because it is highly focused on and looked into for such a long time instead of using it right away. The problem with evidence based is also that there are human bias. Human bias cannot exactly be eliminated in anything.

Another issue here is politicians using the research that they have required to their own advantage. A way that this ties into everyday life are things like police officers misusing their powers over people. Police officers overuse of force on someone can lead to a fatal injury or something being fatally shot and pass away because a police officer was being too aggressive.

In today’s society police officers are known to misuse their power and the government is not holding them accountable. A good thing that has been done are putting cameras on police officers to watch their every move to prove their story. Hopefully that sometime in the future the government will make some additional changes with the police to fix this predicament.

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