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The Benefits of Wearing Body Cameras for Police

Approximately 95% of America’s police departments are implementing body cameras (White). Students from the Long Valley Middle School are researching important American issues and choosing one that needs change. First of all, Body Worn Cameras contribute to less police force and also it only costs...

Reward System Effects on Police Department

Department in today’s seek to determine the reasonable balance between employee satisfaction and performance of organization. The reward program serve as the most contingent factor in keeping employee self’s motivation high and passionate. Ciscel (1974) stated that majority of the organization require their employees to...

The Political Correctness Police: Warranted or Overkill

Political correctness is defined as the avoidance of forms of expression or actions that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against. Political correctness, “PC”, stood for fairness and openness. People want to avoid offending certain...

The Main Features of the Development of Modern Policing

Policing is essential in all society’s from maintaining law and order to protecting human rights and fundamental freedom. Historically policing has evolved to shape the contemporary modern policing model through the political, reform and community era. With its diverse workplace consisting of males, females and...

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