Possible Robbery Prevention Measures in Twin-Cities

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  1. Establish highly trained-officers
  2. Keep a Close Eye on Any Suspicious Activity
  3. Conclusion

Robbery is a severe crime and brutal act by someone or a group of people who do this. According to the law of Minnesota, robbery is not just taking the property of other people by force but it is severe crime. Here I discuss the robbery issue in Twin- cities of Minnesota held in August. The person named behind both incidents is Adrian Cooper, 25, of Brooklyn Center. And the other facilitator behind these brutal act is mostly 15 to 27 years old.

Robbery is up almost 54% in Minneapolis from last year, police said. Now there is a crucial question arise that what prevention should we take? And “How can we prevent robberies in twin-cities?”

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Let’s discuss some points that “How can we prevent robberies in twin-cities?”

Establish highly trained-officers

  • As we know the population is rising steadily whether Minnesota’s cops is still less than the size of the population. According to Mayor Jacob Frey, the city’s population has increased by almost 50,000, he further suggests to add 14 officers in cops.
  • Several countries have advanced to deal with the problem of crime and they are focusing their action on law-enforcement only. Police play a responsible role to deal with those who impede the development.
  • This is often misrepresented by media that simple cops can tackle out the criminal activities is Twin-cities, but there is a need to trained special cops who specially trained to reduce the rate of robbery and build the structures which provide the best official services for Minnesota’s security.

Keep a Close Eye on Any Suspicious Activity

But only isn't this just you establish cops for robbers who tackle this all, but it’s time to realize and important to know why the suspect do this in a very young age, whether they enjoy to treated people brutally or they also deprive people in society. And do not know the value of one's soul. But it’s time to investigate the facts behind them, why they do it. Only police officers can’t control the fire of crime, but there is also a need to provide ethical education. Commit crimes in early life may be associated with low school performance, any drug addicted in the family, young age trauma and many others.

So, for controlling the crime in society there is a need to provide ethical education first. If everyone knows how to respect people, the chance of committing crimes would be mostly less. It is also important to keep a close eye on any suspicious activity in society, and immediately report to the official. Organize nation can get rid of easily with such brutality acts by some groups, but to acknowledge that the reduction in crime rate is not only the responsibility of Minnesota’s cops but we must all fight against it.


Sum-up all above points, the main preview of the speech is that it’s our responsibility to fight against the criminal with Minnesota’s police. Crime prevention is an attempt to diminish and discourage crime. It is applied specifically to endeavor made by governments to reduce crime, implement the law, and sustain criminal justice in Twin-cities. Furthermore, we need to keep up organizations that assist make communities safer, as the National Crime Prevention Council.

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