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Prevention of Car Accidents and Road Injury

Road injury is the most undesirable matter to occur to a street user, even though they occur quite frequently. The unfortunate thing is we do not learn from our errors on street. The majority of the street users are very well aware of the overall...

Deaths And Injuries Due To Road Accidents In New Delhi

Introduction This problem description belongs to one of the top 3 goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development. Health and wellbeing have thirteen targets to ensure the healthy living and wellbeing of every individual of all ages. Our Problem directly links with the 3rd aim...

The Unfortunate Nature of Road Accidents and Fatalities

“Accidents are not accidents but precise arrivals at the wrong time.” (Stojanovic,1991) With these resounding words being read aloud, it becomes easier for one to truly grasp the unappealing truth that road fatalities are as a result of precise arrivals at the most inopportune time...

Creation of Awareness About Road Accidents

Roads are the key element to the development of a country’s economy. It constitutes the basic infrastructure that accelerates the developmental process by providing connectivity and also by facilitating the routes to trade and commerce. Its vitality is further manifested in terms of its role...

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