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Analysis Of Three Main Sociological Perspectives On Deviance

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! My car speeds up as I rush back to work from taking a lunch break. Mistakenly, I speed past a hidden police officer on the highway who flicks on his lights as I pass him. Long story short, the police officer gives...

Deviance and Poor Behaviour of the Players in Sports

Sports deviance is known as actions and behaviours that deter from the normal, which are perceived as being negative. This could be many things such as violence in sport, doping and drug use within a sporting environment, match-fixing, and foul play by sports players in...

Transvestism as Deviance and the Condemning Behaviour

Firstly, we discuss about the introduction of research topic “Tansvestism as deviance”. Clothing is only outward symbol to represent your chosen on the basis of basic internal psychological situations. The transvestites periodically want to be free of the rigid demands of being a man, with...

The Positive Functions of Crime and Deviance on the Society

The life of a human is governed by the social norms and rules created within society. According to Anthony Giddens there’s another side to the story and that is, the norms and rules that gets broken Giddens 1989. Crime is a behaviour which breaks laws...

Addiction to Diabolical Acts In 'Clockwork Orange' 

It is not possible to purify something that is naturally evil. In Anthony Burgess’s “A Clockwork Orange”, a young man by the name of Alex DeLarge, who is addicted to sex, drugs, violence, and Beethoven, spends his nights abusing drugs, berating random pedestrians, and raping...

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