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Automation: Stealing Jobs or Creating Them

In 1722, the lathe -the mother of machines- was invented. This invention lit the spark of automation in general and the western industrial revolution specifically. From that time till this day, thousands of machines and tools have been created and invented to optimize and facilitate...

The Ethical Dilemma of Stealing to Survive

We are to act by a set of moral rules, which we solely have by being human. People faced with many hardships to steal every day for the survival of their lives. To be merciful and to be just. It depends. It is something to...

Stealing in the Workplace: Why That Happens

There are lots of people who think that money is the core cause of stealing. Money is one excuse for stealing; however, it is not the only explanation. Why do people steal? What do they feel when stealing? There are issues such as moralities, a...

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