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Form of Abuse, Bully or Revenge or Domestic Violence

The essence of the word “pornography” is obtained from the Greek language, i.e. “Porne and graphos”. The word “porne” comes from the meanings, a captive who is a female or a harlot or a prostitute. While the word “graphos” is “writing with regard to” or...

Why Prison Violence Issue Should Be Dealed with

Undoubtedly everyone knows violence is bad for children and adolescents. To be mistreated or abused by adults, bullies, or to witness serious domestic violence, even to be criminally assaulted is a harmful experience. However, many, though not all, young people who are exposed to violence...

The Advocate Program Courtroom Observation

I attended Judge Donald Canava’s motion calendar in CHC 2019 in the Lawson E. Thomas courthouse in Downtown Miami. His courtroom is a domestic violence drug court, and one of the most unique in the country, it deals in both criminal cases and civil cases...

Research on Domestic Violence and Steps to Take

Domestic violence and ways of preventing the vice has been a topic of discussion for long across the globe. The issue involves physically harms, which invokes fear or prevents somebody else, usually a partner, from doing what they want. This usually starts when one partner...

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