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Human Rights Violation In Peshawar School Shooting

Introduction The origin of the word “Terrorism” comes from its Latin roots terror which means the use of extreme fear to intimidate people. The modern definition of terrorism is still a big question mark. No country or international organization has yet come up with any...

Mass Shootings And The Concept Of A Vulnerable Population

A handful of massacres in schools have been occurring over the past decades leading to the definition of school shootings. In Boston, the shootings lead to the death of educators and students. Death tolls are repeated in different places in the state of Massachusetts. Mass...

Video Games And School Shooting

There have been many reports of school shootings. Just recently there was a school shooting in California. Resulting in two students who sadly passed away. These horrific events have happened in the past. There has been evidence that states that these kids are causing these...

School Shootings And Mass Media

So many tragic and deadly mass shootings have happened all around the world. The United States of America is not any different. With a population equivalent to 4.27% of the total world population, the USA represents the home to the biggest number of mass shootings...

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