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Identification and Means of Prevention of White Collar Crimes

Introduction White-collar crimes are difficult to identify as they easy to commit. The discovery mechanisms on which police and government traditionally rely seem unusually scarce for this huge new body of crimes. Moreover, though people have land through the ages to be suspicious of strangers...

The Punishment of White-Collar Crime in Different Countries

White-collar crime is a term that was first coined in 1939 by Edwin Sutherland, an American sociologist regarded as one of the most significant criminologists of the 20th century. It refers to a variety of crimes that are nonviolent in nature and primarily motivated by...

The Unhealthy Desk Behaviour That Leads to White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime is something many didn’t know about, but it’s being shed to light in recent events with politicians and famous businessmen. The question that can be drawn out for this topic is if white collar crime springs from the unhealthy behavior of certain...

White-Collar Crime: Lack of Transparency and Accountability in India

White-collar crime is a severe issue that plagues many countries, including India. While it may not cause physical harm, it can result in significant financial losses and affect the economy as a whole. India needs to establish measures to increase awareness, promote transparency, and ensure...

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