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Somali Piracy: How To Protect Ships

Piracy is an illegal activity that is done through boats by assaulting other boats to steal cargo and other expensive goods on coastal areas. It is believed that sea piracy was established when human started using the sea for trading. Piracy consists of kidnapping for...

Privatization Of Ocean Space As A Method Of Fighting Piracy In Somali Waters

Have you wondered what will happen to our water bodies in the following years given they are constantly under threat from pirates and other badly manoeuvred artificial disasters? The case presented here might be too radical and idealistic to be implemented perfectly at the moment,...

Maritime Terrorism and Piracy: A Danger to Maritime Security

Introduction Maritime law is the fundamental branch of law that regulates commerce and navigation on the seas or other navigable waters. The area of law governs how people interact and do business on the waters of the world and is also known as admiralty law....

Sustainability Issues Of Somali Coastal Current Large Marine Ecosystem

Since ancient times, Pirate stories and legends have taken an important place in coastal nations’ culture. The myth says that piracy is related to treasure quests and to finding places to hide the loot. Pirates have traveled around the globe from Europe up to the...

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