Somali Piracy: How To Protect Ships

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Piracy is an illegal activity that is done through boats by assaulting other boats to steal cargo and other expensive goods on coastal areas. It is believed that sea piracy was established when human started using the sea for trading. Piracy consists of kidnapping for ransom, stealing of valuable items like oil, cars, weapons and drugs. The sinking of ships is also a part of act of piracy. Somali piracy has become one of the most famous and most dangerous. But how can ships be protected?

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There are vivid ways to protect ships against Somali pirates such as ships patrolling should be started at main routes to reduce piracy at extreme level. Radars should be installed in ships for defending purposes. There is need to introduce new non-lethal and sonic weapons that emits high frequency sound waves that prevent pirates from boarding the ship. Ships can be protected by rerouting the main routes of trading which have high risk of piracy. Aerial support should be used to improve information and security. Speed of boats should be high in areas which have more risk of piracy and anti-piracy fire hoses should be used to stop pirates to come close to ships.

The Ship Security Plan (SSP) and Ship Security Assessment (SSA) are responsible for ship protection. Every ship has ISPS code that must carry a ship security plan approved by the administration. In case of security level 1 to 3, the procedure and measure which are to be followed are expressed by Ship Security Plan (SSP). The development and maintenance of Ship Security Plan is guided by Company Security Officer (CSO). The responsibility of updating preparation is controlled and guided by CSO. The Ship Security Plan is therefore carried out by SSA and then checked by CSO.

In the past, pirates were sentenced to hang till death and then their bodies were often left for certain days to instil fear in the pirates crew, but in modern times government of different countries have made laws and act of piracy which passes a bill that gives punishment of death penalty and even send culprits for lifetime imprisonment. Some other countries charges heavy amount of money and ban the ships of offenders.

Sea piracy, in particular Somali piracy, is a serious crime and it is therefore the responsibility of government of every country to make new laws and rules so that the pirates are given strict punishments including life imprisonment and corporal punishment. According to me, every person deserves a second chance as well and therefore it is better to send the convicted pirates back to their own country, so that they can get into their own culture and environment and get closer to their families which will not only promote rehabilitation but will make them good citizens of the society as well. Thus, piracy can be removed from its roots and will promote brotherhood and peace with neighbouring countries.   

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