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John Dalton's Model of Atomi Theory Analysis

Do you know everything except energy, what you see, touch, and smell are all made up by particles called atom? I will be introducing the topic about the history of the atomic theory, and the first people who noted there’s a thing called the atom....

The Atomic Structure in the Chemistry Discipline

Chemistry is fun and unique. There are many components that make chemistry what it is. However, there are some basics that are important and need to be learned about before digging deeper into chemistry. First, we have the Scientific Method, this method is an organized...

Atomic Catalytic Processes and Single-Atom Catalysts

Supported single-atom catalysts with atomically dispersed metal atoms anchored on supports have attracted increasing research interest [1-15]. Attention stems not only from the structural simplicity of the uniformed active sites of atomically dispersed catalysts, but also from the idea that these materials bridge the gap...

Understanding the Atom with Many Scientific Theories

Introduction Our understanding of the atom has changed over many periods over time. Through experiments and observations, evidence over the years has supported scientists to create theories. A philosopher named Democritus made the first theory in 470-380 B.C. Following this first theory, many improved models...

The Affect of pH anad Water on the Albumin Degradation

Abstract Albumin is a protein found in egg white. Serum albumin is the most abundant protein in human blood and is the same type but in a different category as egg white albumin. Egg white albumin is disintegrated in the stomach by an enzyme called...

Electron, Its Discovery, And Impact On The Current Society

There are a wide range of examinations that can provide a shifting knowledge about the cosmetics of issue, or rather the composition of matter, in various courses and with various ends. In this occasion I will take a gander at the revelation of the electron,...

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