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Comparison Of Swiss Ball Exercises And Plyometric Training For Agility

Hockey is a team sports which requires two physiological components anaerobic and aerobic capacity& one of the most popular gamesin the world. [1] As we all know key feature of the field hockey is changing of direction during sprinting as well as intermittent running, e....

Danger on the Road: Why Speed Kills

The topic I chose is why speed kills. Everyday there is an accident and death is involved and every third death is a result of speeding. According to Road Traffic Management Corporation, in 2016, 14071 people died in a car crash in South Africa. In...

Models and Methods of Wind Speed Forecasting

Wind power energy has a significant importance in the electric grid. As it is an inexhaustible and freely available resource, its usage is globally increasing. It is replacing all other costly exhaustible resources that were used so far. So, accurate prediction of wind power is...

Correlation Between Sprint Speed and Agility

The statistical analysis that was used to evaluate the data was the rate of variability of values F-test, this verified whether there was a variance of the value-time. The researcher also used a non-parametric t-test from the results of the F-test to evaluate if there...

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