Essay Samples on Space

Nasa's Journey To Mars

Good evening, my name is Obada Wazwaz and tonight I would like to be discussing NASA’S future journey to planet Mars and the attempt of creating a civilization on the planet. Ever since NASA’s goal to reach the moon in July 1969, people have been…

Overview Of General Dynamics (Gd) Company

General Dynamics (GD) is headquartered in Falls Church, VA and was founded in February 1952 in Delaware. The beginning of GD began as they supplied rockets, missiles, electronics, and war machines as needed. Due to gaining an understanding in the mission world, GD was able…

The Hubble Story

There is a simple quote that goes by, “Observations always involve theory. ” Hubble said that, and he was right. When Hubble looked through a telescope, he did not see the sky, he saw the universe. He thought there was more to our existence. He…

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