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The Apollo 11 Command Module Hatch

One thing I learned from the Apollo 11 exhibit in the library was mostly about their astronaut suits. There are many layers in each part of the suit starting from the hands all the way down to the boots. I found it very interesting that...

The Legacy of Apollo Mission and Neil Armstrong in the Space Exploration

The 1960s was a volatile decade dominated by the Vietnam War, Civil Rights unrest, Cuban Missile Crisis, assassination of both JFK and Martin Luther King Jr, and the exploration of a new frontier-space. In 1962, a newly elected President Kennedy would help the space program...

The Debate about NASA Moon Landing and Apollo 11 Being a Hoax

Do you genuinely believe NASA landed a spacecraft on the moon? Moon landing conspiracy theories claim that the Apollo 11 moon landing did not happen, but despite all scientific evidence debunking aforementioned suggestion, various theories still continue to linger around. During the Cold War, the...

The Significance of Apollo 11 and Moon Landing in American History

The Apollo 11 mission trip to the moon was very significant in american history. Everybody stopped what they were doing to watch or listen to history being made in the United States. For once in the United States history everybody honestly came together as one...

Progression of Innovation in Space Suits Since the Apollo 11

When engineers took on the task of putting man in space and on the moon, they knew that there would be an uncountable number of challenges ahead of them. They were breaking new ground but were also creating and discovering everything as they went along....

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