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Quantum Mechanics: the Solution to DNA Mutation

Quantum mechanics is a dimension of science that describes the behavior of energy, waves, subatomic particles mathematically. It was founded by a group of scientists in the 1920’s to uncover more about the physical properties of nature. One of the founders, Erwin Schrödinger, published a...

Thermodynamics of Home Energy Efficiency

Plummeting temperatures and the appearance of snow are common signs that winter is approaching. For many homeowners, this means cranking up the thermostat and preparing for the impending cold weather. The change in outside temperatures greatly influences the comfort of our homes because energy is...

Green Energy Revolution In Taiwan

Made in Taiwan A domestic clean energy transition is underway and the outlook for the future is overwhelmingly positive. James Edward Peel If humans could wholly exploit the energy absorbed by the earth from the sun’s rays, we would be able to generate equivalent to...

An Energy Crisis In Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked and developing country with abundant natural resources. However, even though, this country has uncountable natural resources, they are still behind in terms of energy sources. Energy sources are the backbone for the economic development of the country. However, nowadays the use...

Design And Simulation Of A Pv System

The development of new energy and renewable energy sources is the best option to reduce the impact of conventional energy sources in the environment. Renewable Energy may come in various forms e. g. Hydro, Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Biomass, et. al [1]. This renewable energy...

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