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Principles of Making Sure the Roller Coaster

Physics, what is physics you may ask. Well, physics is a natural science that involves motion and time and has studies related to energy and force. Most would say physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines. Some of the energies we use is...

Gravity as a Double Copy Gauge Theory

Fundamental physics seeks to answer challenging questions facing human beings regarding their creation. Past analytical approaches have concentrated on precision experiments involving abstract theoretical reasoning and incorporated current findings on the building blocks of nature. One of the fundamental principles identified is that the world...

Various Gravity Models Implemented in Practice

Gravity is distinguished by its parsimonious and tractable representation of economic interaction in a many country world. Most international economic theory is concentrated on two country cases, occasionally extended to three country cases with special features. The tractability of gravity in the many country case...

Black Holes: When Something Is Nothing

Abstract The present text will explore the properties and characteristics of black holes in our universe, formulated through studies and evidences concluded by researchers. This research will likewise investigate topics of Primordial Black Holes and the existence of a Super Massive Black Hole within a...

Black Holes: Bizarre Cosmological Objects

Abstract In this report, I am going to discuss about the fundamentals of black holes and their relevance to modern research scenario. We have a lot of informations about black holes but there are still several questions to be answered regarding black hole physics. Keywords:...

Superpower That Controls The Force Of Gravity

Gravity, the universal force of attraction acting between all matter. It is the weakest force out of the four fundamental forces thus meaning it plays no significant role in internal properties of everyday matter. Another fact about gravity is that it is a part of...

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