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Animal Rights Advocacy: the Controversy Around Animal Experiments

Frequently, people will wonder how the human life expectancy during the ancient Greek and Roman times was extremely short, about twenty to thirty-five years, and nowadays it is about eighty years old, nearly three times what it was since the beginning of documented human history....

Finding An Alternative To Animals Testing

Animal testing has been around since human curiosity in biology, psychology, and medicine began. Though, just because something has been around for a while, doesn’t mean that there is not a better way. As time has gone on, humans have started to understand animals better,...

Animal Testing Is Unethical Or Not

 Every day human beings shop for medicine or cosmetic with being mindful of where and how this product came to be. What if that product came from the scared person sitting in a cramped, metal cage? All that person can do is await the next...

Using Animals For Testing And Experiments

Animals have been on earth much longer than we have, and have always roamed places of the earth we have dreamed of seeing. The topic of animals being used in experiments, as entertainment, and stuck in zoos has been popular and is constantly being brought...

Why Animal Testing Is Unnecessary

Any time we happen to use a cosmetic product, we do so very confident that the chemicals in the composition of the cosmetic products are safe and shall not cause any harm to the user. What most people do not know is that for the...

Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

It is 2019, and animals shouldn’t be the test subjects to attain the results scientists want! Hundreds of animals are often disposed of without a second thought by researchers every day. Even though the animals are protected through ethical guidelines, their lives mean so much...

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