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Torture During Algerian Colonization in the Battle of Algeirs

The depiction of torture gave the film, Battle of Algiers, considerable global attention, raising the questions regarding the efficacy of torture in the context of colonialism. However, to what extent can this movie be regarded as accurate in portraying the violence, for it to be...

Risks of Torture Implementation as a Governmental Practice

The government should only use torture when it is needed because if they use it and are found to be wrong with their decision then the government would be in trouble. There are a lot of countries that look at torture as a solution, but...

Usage of Torture as a Tool for Interrogation

The concept of Individual autonomy is based on one’s capacity to be one’s own person. This is done under the assumption that one is leading a life that is based on reason and motives considered to be personal and specific to that individual and not...

The Ethics of Using Torture Against Terrorism Crimes

After establishing when torture is justified, it is easier to answer who exactly should be tortured. Firstly, no innocent person should be tortured. As stated above, intelligence officers should not go “fishing” for information. Obviously, an innocent person does not have possession of information pertaining...

The Holocaust Essay Analysis

All through history there are huge numbers of what we term 'watershed occasions'. These are occasions of such extent that they lastingly affect the world and have the ability to change the universes until the end of time. One such watershed occasion is the Holocaust....

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