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Factors to Prevent Piracy Issues in Maritime Industry

The problem of piracy has had a negative impact on both commercial and humanitarian aid shipping, as a result of rising commodity prices, income from commercial activities are being disrupted, and caused delays in the delivery of humanitarian assistance and increased costs. The economic impact...

The Origins of the Concept of Punishment

The concept of punishment has been around for as long as humans have roamed the earth. In the renaissance era, those guilty of public intoxication would be put in the pillory and subjected to public humiliation and abuse. Before that, in ancient Greece, one could...

Public Shaming And Sonsequences

Introduction Public Shaming is where a criminal is humiliated in public instead of being punished by law or other measures. Shaming has changed its techniques and arguably has produced effective results for minor crimes. Public Shaming uses several tactics, including mental abuse to criminals. People...

Brief Description Of Virginia’s Program

Due to prison overcrowding, Virginia has adopted a policy that uses statistics- similar to an insurance policy- to influence prison sentencing of nonviolent crimes. By doing this, they can keep people that are less likely to reoffend out of prison, thus saving money by reducing...

Why Flogging Is An Injustice

According to Jeff Jacoby, a columnist from the Boston Globe newspaper, in “Bring Back Flogging”, America’s current form of punishment for breaking laws is a waste and that it should be replaced with public whipping or flogging. Jacoby attempts to convey this subject by using...

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