Beliefs and Thoughts Over the Death Penalty

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There are a lot of mixed opinions surrounding the idea of the death penalty. In the 1990’s, nearly 80% of the public approved Capital Punishment, while about 5% of were undecided and the other 15% opposed it. Is it fair to those who have done bad things to deserve the Death Penalty? I’m not the only one to have the belief that the Death Penalty isn’t fair. The people that have done illegal and terrible things should just be sentenced to a lifetime in prison. There’s no need to kill someone for their actions. It’s understanding that they could have murdered someone or worse than that, but if we are going to punish them by murdering them just makes it more hypocritical. 

They have to waste more money for execution, we would be decreasing in population. In, 1965, the United States authorized the Death Penalty not only for murder, but now anyone can get the Death Penalty for kidnapping, treason, rape, armed robbery, prejury in a capital case, assault by a life-time in prison, burglary, arson, train wrecking, sabbotage, and descration of a grave. All of these accusations can give someone the death penalty. The only agreeable situation is becoming a life-time prisoner. If the value of life is supposed to be high, it makes much more sense instead of having to end the person’s life over the bad actions they have made.

According to eyewitness reports, the first death sentence using the electric chair in the United States was in August 1890. It was very painful for the person and for the people that were watching. Certainly the electric chair was not introduced because of the thought of it not being painful but they were all wrong.

Recently there’s been religious debates over their own beliefs and thoughts over the Death Penalty. Muslims, Jews, and Christians have defended the Death Penalty on the texts in the Koran and Bible. Recently there has papal encyclical called Evangelium Vitae. It’s arguing over the Death Penalty was permissible only under special conditions. The modern society wasn’t permissible because those conditions prevailed. It states “God wants murderers to be punished is to be found in the story of Cain and Abel. 

God inflicted on him a threefold punishment: he was cursed and banished, but was not killed.” The story is very unquestionably vivid. Its impact on on the later passages in the bible are negated, which tells the Death Penalty crimes is endorsed. It’s a matter of controversy among scholars. The Bible has a lot more saying relevant to the Death Penalty.

Christains are appealed to the sanctity of human life. This appeal has controversy over the Death Penalty. Religious people believe executions go up to the face of the sanctity of life, but others would cite this religious idea was an importance to favor this punishment. They find these crimes as a huge violation of sanctity imaginable.

There’s two different types of people that have their saying on the Death Penalty, the people that rely on crime preventative considerations, and the others that rely on retributive considerations. Those types of people are the people that rely on moral intuitions and prior reasoning.The Death Penalty can be used as a deterrent or as incapacation, Preventing recidivism in any form. It states

There’s been a study of the behaviors going on in prison, after their release of more than five hundred offenders on the death sentence. In the 1970s, Court in Furman showed that six of the murderers killed again. Others have committed different types of crimes like felonies.The Court finds it to be a good idea that those who have committed murder deserve to get the Death Penalty. They believe that since they don’t know the person that committed a crime they won’t do it again, so the best choice for them is to be sentenced to death. I don’t understand why they find this as the first resort to go to when it comes to these prisoners. I understand that they did something terribly bad but why think of killing as the first instinct. Putting the prisoners in a prison they can’t get out of, makes it a lot worse for them. 

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Those people have to be alive and have nothing to do besides to think about what they’ve done. People fear death more than being imprisoned. Knowing they’re being sentenced to death makes them rethink everything bad they have committed. Death is a very scary thing to be throwing around and using the death sentence like its no big deal. The idea of putting them in prison is a lot cheaper, easier, and safer for everyone. Plus it’ll make them think to be better and be blessed to at least still capable to be alive.

In the 1970s, the Supreme Court limited the death sentence to the punishment of only murder. The argument of the preventive effects of the death penalty has decreased. This states “The punishment fit for the crime; the punishment that best fits the crime of murder is the death Penalty. Or, in a slightly different version: Murderers deserve to die, and justice requires that we inflict deserved punishment.” It’s crazy to think that so many people instantly want others dead for the bad actions made. Tons of people do terrible things and they all don’t get the Death Penalty. For example, Charles Manson, he was the most messed up and darkest person to be out there. He performed black magic my random people and have those people kill other people for Charles. 

Once he was finally caught, he was sent right to a special prison. The Court didn’t instantly give him the death sentence. They kept him inside a special room for the rest of his remaining life. Putting him into that made him go crazy. So why don’t we do that to most of the murderers out there instead of the rapid thought of having him murdered right away. This idea of murdering the murderer is sickening. People need to start thinking more and better with who things are being done. This Death Penalty sounds like someone doesn’t care for because the aren’t the ones to have it. No one really goes into fully endepth thoughts about the punishment. They feel like since they are in charge, they can wave the Death Penalty and hand it out to anyone that has made a terrible mistake. This is on the line of life or death for those people too.

There are so many mixed thoughts why most people that committed crime automatically deserve the worst and there’s others that oppose that and think different. Our life is all about giving chances because we all only have one life so why would you want to instantly take it away from them without even thinking.

There are a good amount of people that are innocent people but got the Death Penalty. It leads to fatal car accidents, etc. It’s not fair to those who didn’t mean to do it. It just happened at the wrong place, at the wrong time. What should those people deserve?

When Homicide becomes the problem, the law makes no distinctions among human beings as victims. Each and every single person’s life is protected. Death will remotely be the end for all of us, but when someone is willing to end someone else’s life is not okay at all. What goes through your head to have the thought to end someone? I don’t understand how someone can have the thought and heart to do that. Those people should just be sent to a cell for the rest of their remaining life. It makes it worse for them because they have to keep those thoughts in their head and they can’t do anything but think in that cell.

There’s two different types of homicide, non criminal and criminal homicide. Non criminal homicide is a crime like going out to war and killing people. That’s also called justifiable homicide. It’s not as bad because you’re taking orders and doing as said no questions asked. It’s a way of saying that person wasn’t making a plan to murder that person, but with criminal homicide, that’s a whole different story. Criminal homicide is divided into categories that reflect the historical distinction in English law between murder and manslaughter.

The extreme recklessness attitude towards life to others. Extreme recklessness is the unjustified risk to human life guilty of murder if he caused death. People now go into weird and scary levels that others won’t reach. These people go insane and go do things to others that tend to harm them to put himself into danger.

The main solution to all of these problems is to start abolishing the Death Penalty in more states and more places arounf the world. It would make the world a better place instead of having to murder someone for them committing murder. Putting someone out of their misery isn’t going to help make it better. By abolishing this, people can feel more safer that if something terrible happens that can’t get a Death Penalty right away. There has been a couple states in 1960, such as Vermont, West Virginia, and Iowa that have abolished the Death Penalty. The more states that can abolish it, the more happiness and safety we bring in. Not only that but less money would be wasted for the death sentence.

Not all people have the same great childhood and background as everyone does. One person can get everything he ever asked for and he lives in great condition, family is loving, and everything is going good for that person, but the other might have a background he doesn’t want to talk about because it’s filled with all these negative things he has to go through and experience throughout all of life. He has to live this life where he never got told what was good and bad. 

That person has to do all these challenges and think about what's best for him. It’s not always the best decision but in that person's mind, they have no choice. What I’m trying to say is people tend to mess up a lot and make bad decisions. Everyone should deserve to life even if your actions are unhealthy and horrible. Send those people to prison where they belong and they have time for themselves and don’t have to think about anyone else. At least that’s better than accepting the Death Penalty and losing your life maybe at a young age. The idea of abolishing it will help save a lot of people’s lives.  

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