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The Violation of Human Rights in the Guantanamo Bay Prison

There are certain rules under international law which are designed to promote and protect human rights at the international and national level. These set of rules are categorized under the umbrella of International Human rights Law. As states are not bound to follow these and...

Maintaining Human Dignity in Gulag in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich is a story that tells of a day in the life of a typical inmate of a forced labour camp called Gulag which had harsh living and working conditions. The story is about the grinding daily monotony...

The Importance of the Prison Reform to Reduce Violence in Prisons

Prison violence occurs daily and has been an increasing epidemic across many prisons around the world. In prison, people who were a danger or a menace to society are put together in a small confined area, with rules forced upon them as they are expected...

Why Prison Violence Issue Should Be Dealed with

Undoubtedly everyone knows violence is bad for children and adolescents. To be mistreated or abused by adults, bullies, or to witness serious domestic violence, even to be criminally assaulted is a harmful experience. However, many, though not all, young people who are exposed to violence...

Theories on the Roots of Prison Violence and Its Effects on Prisoners

World Health Organisation, stated in the World report on violence and health (2002) defined violence as the use of physical power or force, a threat to self, others, communities or groups that result in injury, psychological harm or death. The definition emphasises that an individual...

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