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History of The Second Wave of American Feminism and What It Managed to Achieve

The Second Wave of American Feminism (1945 to 2000) emerged in the United States as a result of the First Wave of Feminism and the conclusion of World War II. Women during World War II had jobs typically in male dominated spaces such as factories....

How Did It Appear The 19th Equal Rights Amendment

Imagine that you are a woman who is interested inpolitics. The election is coming up so you are keeping track of the events that are occurring whether that be watching every debate, interview, or article that will help you determine your decision. Once you analyze...

Equal Rights Amendment Chris Bodenner Article Review

Should men and women be treated equally under the law? In his article entitled “Should the Equal Rights Amendment Be Added to the Constitution?”, Chris Bodenner presents the debate about the Equal Rights Amendment, or ERA. This proposed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was the...

History of 19th Equal Rights Amendment

The Nineteenth Amendment is one of the most important Amendments many have fought, protested had riots had many controversial opinions about but it's basically giving all American citizens the right to vote without gender discrimination. You may ask why does gender matter when voting? Well...

A Perfect America Includes Equal Rights for Everyone

Starting from the 1830s there were a lot of religious people that wanted America to be perfect. Lots of things had to be done for that to happen, though. There had to be a social reform and there was the abolitionist movement as well as...

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