How Did It Appear The 19th Equal Rights Amendment

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Imagine that you are a woman who is interested inpolitics. The election is coming up so you are keeping track of the events that are occurring whether that be watching every debate, interview, or article that will help you determine your decision. Once you analyze all of your sources, you finally come to your decision. When election day comes and you go to a voting area, excited to fill out your ballot, you are suddenly stopped by someone and told you are not allowed to vote. Without the Women’s Suffrage Movement, the 19th amendment would not exist and women would not have the right to vote today.

Many women living in America today enjoy their rights and freedom. If the 19th amendment had not been ratified in 1920, then women would not have the privilege to vote and express any concerns they have with the democracy in this present day. However, in some countries around the world, there are cultures and religions where women are given a lower status than men and are still being treated unequally. In my opinion, I think that everyone deserves equal rights no matter their gender, sexuality, or race. Along with having the right to vote, women have also made fast progress, making great advancements in education, careers, and politics.

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Before, it was not common for women to attend school. It was the men who were expected to get an education in order to get a job to help support their family. Fortunately, after the 19th amendment, it became widespread for women to attend college to pursue their desired professions such as male dominated ones like medicine and law. Also, since there were increased educational opportunities for women, this meant there were more women in the workplace. Women received increased salaries but they did not amount to what men received. Still, this was a huge step in helping women succeed. In regards to politics, many women are being elected or hold positions as leaders of state and government.

I believe that all women deserve the same rights that men have. Sadly, there are people who believe that women are lesser due to their gender. Women are regular people and should not be put down because of their different body parts, their strength, and their intelligence. They are all smart individuals who know what they are capable of doing. Men and women can be working the same role yet get paid less but women have worked just as hard as men and deserve recognition too. No matter what anyone says, women can work towards a goal and keep trying as long as they are dedicated to it. In order for men and women to have the same opportunities, it is important to not assume that one is better than the other. Gender should not play a role in determining one’s education, job opportunity, or pay scale. Instead, both genders should work together in helping achieve equality without the negative comments and opinions. I feel that this problem can be fixed by informing and motivating the future generations about the endless opportunities that the future has in store for them.

From the 19th amendment, we learn that it is important for American’s to hold values such as respect and equality not just for men in this country but for women also. It is a reminder from the past that addresses the freedom and rights that people of the United States are allowed to share. The 19th amendment was an important step in proving that women can fight for the rights that they deserve and with enough determination and persistence, receive what they fight for. Today, women can now fight for themselves and vote for those who they feel fit to represent the nation. Although sexism still exists today, it is not as worse compared to the past. There are many things that have changed since 1920 but it is still important to continue to strive for equality and what we believe in.

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