In the Time of Butterflies: The Birth of Feminism Under Abuse

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Throughout history women have been misunderstood and not treated equally to men. Women were thought to be powerless while men did the things that they did not believe women could do. Eventually women starting fighting for equality which began a feminist movement. The movie In the Time of The Butterflies explains the conflict between women and the dictator of the Dominican Republic. Throughout the movie the Mirabal sisters reacted to the oppression/exploitation from their father and Trujillo by becoming feminists.

So, what is Feminism and how did it all start? In The 19 century women organized a feminism movement to advocate that women should fight against political, social and economic equality for women. Feminism also pays attention to gender inequality and the campaign of women’s benefits, problems, and their rights. The feminism concept focuses on accepting the description of femininity. It also pays attention to gender politics, power relation’s and sexuality. The feminists campaign focuses on problems such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, and sexual violence. At some point their lives feminists explore discrimination and objectification. Women who started the feminism movement are called the ‘first wave feminists,’ then feminists after 1960 are called the ‘second wave.’ The newer generation of feminists have started the ‘third wave’ (History and Theory of Feminism).

Throughout the movie In the Time of The Butterflies women, such as the Mirabel sisters, we’re being exploited by Trujillo and by his rules. Minerva and her family were all invited to the ball, when they arrive to the ball Minerva is requested to sit with Trujillo. Sitting with Trujillo was a privilege, everyone supposedly loved Trujillo. While Minerva was dancing with Trujillo, he kept telling Minerva how beautiful she was. All Minerva said was “Thank you.” In my opinion Trujillo took her niceness for granted, because just a bit after he put her hand on her bottom. Minerva of course, was not okay with that so she slapped on the face. When they went home her family were truly frustrated. They told her that she shouldn’t have done that, I feel like they just wanted her to let it happen. Minerva told them that if she let him continue then he would have gone up to her breast and possibly do more. Trujillo doesn’t see women for what they could be, he only sees them as women who are meant to be wives and mothers. Trujillo over all exploited women by thinking of them as less, as if they were not as powerful as men. He didn’t think women were capable of much. He thought women as sexual objects.

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