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Female Genital Mutilation: Main Concepts Analysis

As we walked home from the river, carrying water on our backs and small piles of firewood on our heads, I laughed at the jokes the girls were making. Teasing Joanna for saying no to our traditions had become the norm, saying no to the...

Women In The Middle East: Women's Place Is In The Home

The conjecture held of women’s lives in the Middle East is derived from a standardized Western view and judgements come from a singular dimension viewpoint. Especially in the United States, many believe that women in the Middle East are denied all basic rights. What is...

Controversy Around An Unethical Social Practice Of Female Genital Mutilation

Introduction Social practice, for the most part, refers to the conduct of a society or a sub-culture, especially in relation to the tradition and customary conduct of a specific ethnic or other racial groups. This term applies to any person who, at any point in...

The Issue of Gender Inequality and Sexual Violence in the Society

What are human rights? Human rights are the rights that all individuals should appreciate by being people. All individuals are qualified for equivalent human rights paying little heed to sexual orientation, race, and spot of living arrangement, religious association, language, or nationality. Human rights are...

The Biblical Approach to Circumcision and Female Genital Mutilation

There has even been a group who have been pushing for the act to stop the circumcision of infants in the United States. There has actually been a ban proposal in San Francisco, California in November 2011 ballot. But it was later bought down by...

The Horrific Experience of Female Genital Mutilation

Yasmin Mumed remembers her screams and the blood on her floral dress the day she underwent female genital mutilation in Ethiopia at the young age of six. She is now 24 years old and is currently living in Toronto but is still haunted by the...

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