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Taglit-birthright And The Upholding Of The Palestinian Occupation

Over 600,000 Jews from around the world have embarked on the informal educational, all expenses paid, Taglit Birthright trip to Israel. What this paper will draw to question is whether this is simply a free trip. This paper will look at the graphics of Birthright...

Research on Why Manhood Isn't a Birthright

People may view manhood as something automatically given to a male once he reaches adulthood. This stereotype should be disregarded as research shows that manhood is not a birthright. In prompt six’s article, researchers Jennifer K. Bosson and Joseph A. Vandello explore the foundation of...

Voting Rights in the Modern Society and Why Every Vote Matters

In the article “who counts”, it talked about people voting rights and it also mentioned that people feel that their one and only vote doesn’t really count towards anything because they feel that it is a complete waste of time. “Public confidence in the power...

Indian Caste System and Its Effect on Women

The Origin of Caste System The caste system of India, has lasted for around 3,500 years and has proved to be one of the most enduring concepts of Indian institutions. There have been many social organizations elsewhere in the world that have had a “de...

Birthright Citizenship as the Key Factor of Equality in USA

Birthright Citizenship refers to the law that resulted from the Fourteenth Amendment to the US constitution that took place around 148 years ago. This declares all the children who are born on US soil as legal US citizens. This right is often referred as jus...

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