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A Limitation on Access to Pornography in Society

Access to pornography becomes easier as our technology arise, because of this, the population who haven’t seen or been exposed to pornography is pretty much non-existent. Pornography had been traced back to oldest of time.This means that pornography had survive generations of generations and will...

Pornography as a Major Industry in a Modern World

As Audre Lorde once said in her book, Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power, “Pornography is a direct denial of the power of the erotic, for it represents the suppression of true feeling. Pornography emphasizes sensation without feeling.” Pornography is a multibillion dollar...

The Effects Of Watching Pornography

Pornography In what follows I am going to explain and criticize Andrew Altman’s view for a defense of pornography. I dispute that Altman’s argument depends on impossible assumption that pornography does not cause harm to women. People don’t usually care if they watch porn or...

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