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TV Show Steet Outlaws: Peeking Inside the World of Street Racing

People love their adrenaline and there is hardly a better supply of that than in car racing where people risk their lives for the entertainment of others, case in point, the Fast and Furious franchise. Discovery channel brings just the excitement in their long-running street...

Life and Career of Precious Cooper, a Famous Street Racer

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If you follow American reality television, of which there are plenty to choose from, you are bound to stumble upon niche reality shows like Street Outlaws: Memphis, a street car racing show. On the show, which features an assorted array of personalities, you will find...

The History of Street Racing

Street Racing is an illegal form to race cars on public roads. Street racing is one of the best sports that has become more famous over the years. Some people like racing on public roads, but in the end it might be dangerous. If you...

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