TV Show Steet Outlaws: Peeking Inside the World of Street Racing

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People love their adrenaline and there is hardly a better supply of that than in car racing where people risk their lives for the entertainment of others, case in point, the Fast and Furious franchise. Discovery channel brings just the excitement in their long-running street racing docu-reality show, Street Outlaws. The show has aired over thirteen seasons and its fans have wondered whether it will get canceled or there will be a Street Outlaws season 14.

As you may have implied from its name, Street Outlaws gathers popular racers from the streets of America and they compete to show off their fast cars and their driving skills. The show has been airing for years and within that period, it has drawn the attention of not just millions of fans all over the world but also that of awarding bodies. In this article, we discuss the fate of Street Outlaws as well as the Background of the show, keep reading.

Background of the Show Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws provides an inside view of the world of illegal street racing and competitive driving skills, specifically in America. In it, the best of racers come from all over the country to compete with one another using the fastest and wildest cars in order to get to the top of the list of the best racers.

The show offers a look at not just the fast-paced movement of the racing proper but also the things that go on behind the scenes, so fans get to see their favorite racers in action and also how the races are being filmed. Street Outlaws features a wide variety of racers as cast and it has starred several big names in the racing world since it started including such names as Big Chief, Dominator, AZN, Kamikaze, Birdman, Farm Truck, Mike Murillo, Vixen and several others that race show lovers may already be familiar with. Most of the racers on the show are already popular in the field so they have people in their circle that make up their own team, although the focus is usually on the racers, there teams are always there to support.

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The show has been airing on the Discovery Channel since it made its debut on June 11, 2013. It is produced by Lionsgate-owned Pilgrim Studios and since the show made its debut, there have been 105 episodes released across the 13 seasons that have been aired.

Will there be a new Street Outlaws season 14 or will it get canceled?

The continuity of Television shows largely depends on a number of factors ranging from how long it has run to its reception by the target audience to economic factors but sometimes it is just down to the impulsiveness of the bosses in charge of the production.

As a result of this, fans have to constantly be on top of their toes at the end of every season of their favorite shows and in the case of Street Outlaws, Discovery Channels has the power to put an end to the show despite the fact that it is one of their most successful reality shows that has even spawned several spin-offs of its own including Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings and Street Outlaws: Memphis, both of which have gone on to become successful series on their own.

Target audience is obviously not an issue for Street Outlaws that exploits the subject of the fantasy of many adrenaline junkies in the world, especially males. After all, the show has developed an immense cult following in most of the states that have been featured on it including the state where it all began, Oklahoma.

The thirteenth season first aired on March 25, 2019, and it ran for about two months before ending on the 13th of May and as usual, the 13th season pulled large views numbering in millions. We believe this may have informed Discovery Channel’s decision to renew the show for a fourteenth season.

The season 14 of Street Outlaws is scheduled to be released on 7th October 2019 and it will see the return of its several stars to retake their positions behind the wheels. The upcoming season is projected to have between 12 and 15 episodes, and if the massive fan base of the show is anything to go by, we can assume there will be more seasons of Street Outlaws after this 14th season.

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