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Using Epd To Interrupt Ideologies About Black Girls In Title Ix

Black girls and young women (BGYW) face multiple manifestations of sexism and racism in school despite over 45-year-old Title IX legislation prohibiting it. Unfortunately, BGYW and youth not identifying as male/masculine have been excluded from present-day national reform conversations like Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper...

Vindication of the Right of Saudi Arabian Women

In this paper, I will argue for the right of Saudi Arabian women. They deserve equal rights to men, including freedom to dress as they like and freedom to be involved with equal opportunities. The hindering of these rights have put a tremendous hold on...

The Rights of Women and Feminism

Women have been discriminated because of their gender since before we can even remember. Luckily, women have been acquiring the rights they deserve as human beings since the first world war. But, due to the history of discrimination against women and the role they used...

Comparison of Women Representation in The Road and The Turn of the Screw

The role of women in society in The Road and The Turn of the Screw can be seen to subvert the stereotypical social rules. The boy’s mother in McCarthy’s novel is not physically present in the novel and her only reference comes as a retrospective...

The Theme Of Feminism In "Grey's Anatomy"

It can be said that there is a misconception showed in reality TV when it comes to portrayal of women, especially when it comes to more competitive side of their character. Laura Brown in her research stated that powerful women are portrayed as mean, women...

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