Essay Samples on Gender Equality

The Challenges To Get Equal Pay For Equal Work

In the United States in 2019, although we have had many triumphs in insisting on eradicating gender discrimination in the workplace, there are still many feats to be made. Specifically an issue in the past and where legislation is still changing, is for equal pay...

Gender Pay Gap: The Hypocrisy Of Gendered Pay

The traditional understanding of the gender pay gap reveals that women continue to earn less compared to their male counterparts. Such is despite numerous laws and judicial pronouncements that have labeled the difference in pay between the two genders illegal (Harris & Estevez, 2017). The...

The Gender Wage Gap In Professional Sports

On average, women in the workplace are paid only three-quarters of every dollar to their male counterparts (Corrigall-Brown, 2016). The gender pay gap exists beyond salaries and into bonuses and profit sharing (CBC News, 2019). Canadian women received on average $4000 in bonuses and profit-sharing...

The Global Issue Of Uneven Gender Pay Gap

Introduction Nowadays, equality between the male and female is paid more and more attention by people. This is situation was shown by more and more people have studied the existence of equality between men and women from different perspectives such as salary, treatment, employment opportunities,...

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