Gender Inequality in Group Recreation and Sport

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Constructive Participation in Work/Activities

My role for this group project is to help with the mural and come up with a plan which include gender inequality.We paired up to complete the board using our artistic skills. Our ideas were merged together to come up with a final piece. My shyness came in the way and made it harder to express my thoughts with my team members. This also made me the least active member in the group. My classmate was more confident and prompted me to complete the tasks on time. This encouraged me to work harder and take the initiative to get it done. We created a project plan which everyone had access to. I came up an idea of visiting classes on specific days to talk to the students about the subject and collect feedback and their thoughts. I visited year 9 and year 10 classes and gave a small talk about the board to them. I felt that my talk wasn’t audible to everyone which drew their attention away. As I went along, my confidence got better as I started interacting with more people and collected their opinions.

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Evaluation of Project Plan and Process

All of us were clear about our aims and targets for this group project. Our project was based on sports and recreation which gave is a topic that has the scope to explore in detail. Gender inequality is common in sports and this an issue that professional players are still facing. All of us came up with different ideas which were put together towards the common goal. My classmates created a survey which was handed to a sports professional at a Sports center called wanderers. We decided to get equal number of opinions from both genders, which was divided into 5 each. Students were given an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions from what they have seen in the mural. The pace of our work could have been improved if it was better organized. We could have set certain classes to visit the board on certain days. Collecting opinions from students did not work very well because the students were not present in class and it made it difficult to find them. We texted students along with the picture to collect their opinions. This made it easier and gave us more time to work on our induvial element. The project plan was adequate and it provided us with guidelines and helped us to reach our targets and the final outcome. We all felt that we could have done better if more effort was put into it.

Evaluation of Project Outcome

Overall, the outcome was not up to what we expected it to be. However, the mural was a success as the board had a clear overview of the topic which helped students to comprehend easily. Opinions were collected on a daily basis. We did not receive enough responses as expected. The responses were different from each other because there were arguments provided on both sides. The only downside was similar answer were given when I asked a group together. Most of them did not understand the question very well which made the answers very vague. Along with the mural, we should have created an introductory video about gender inequality in sports and how it has changed over the recent years. Posters would also create a path to raise awareness not only in our school community but also in our neighborhood. The higher classes gave us various views whereas the lower grades gave us similar answers. The survey was also added to our plan as we will get different points of view from professional athletes as they have experienced this problem in their career. It was completed within 2 visits by going to the Wanderers. 30% said they have faced this problem whereas 70% had not experienced this problem.

Evaluation of My Contribution and Learning

We all had a fair share for this group project and worked on our strengths. I learnt that working as a team has its own advantages and disadvantages. I came up with an idea to use a poster which helped the students to interpret their ideas and I feel that I should have tried other means to collect opinions and should have updated myself about the ongoing activities in the group. We are strong in art, so we did the mural using our art skills. My classmates managed the survey very well and did the combining, editing and proofreading of our final draft for our group project. At times, I found it difficult to keep up with the phase. Sometimes, I felt isolated from the group as I was not fully informed about the survey which created lots of confusion in my mind. All the details were not explained and I had to ask them frequently for the updates. My opinion has changed after my research as I realized that gender inequality is not always the case, but the nature of the sports determines the applicability of it to both the genders. Some sports are gender specific due to the difference in the physic, stamina and energy levels of man and women. The popularity of woman’s sports has been increasing over the years.

Working in a group helped as there were more people to do various tasks for the project that we were working on. We could split our work between the team members which helped when we were working on meeting the deadlines. We were helping each other with our strengths and the doubts were clarified across the team members. All of us felt responsible for the project and hence we worked together in spite of having differences in our opinions. It also helped in improving team working skills as it motivated the team members. The challenging part for me was making a conversation with my group and not giving clear answers to their queries. I could have pushed myself harder to complete before the deadlines. I was not very comfortable with my group but still worked with them and helped each other.

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