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Cancel Culture: A Dangerous Trend of Social Media

Social media is revered as a revolutionary step for technology, transforming how people handle information and how they connect and collaborate with one another (Solis, 2011). Social media, essentially, is the new normal. Yet, in spite of benefits ranging from contributing trillions of dollars to...

The Role That Consumer Behavior Plays on Advertising and Cancel Culture

Society has been conditioned into a consumer culture by advertising outlets since the beginning of time. Advertising in mass media is common to all in America. The mediums for advertising include television, internet, radio, print media and mobile app platforms. Through various marketing methods, advertising...

The Effects of Cancel Culture on Kanye West

 For the past decade, the famous artist, Kanye West, has been noted for his habit of stirring controversy. It wasn’t until recently where Kanye decided to start taking things a little farther. The rapper had already previously established his support for President Trump, turning many...

Celebrities as the Main Victims of Cancel Culture

The internet is an unpredictable beast; one can go from generally liked to vilified in a matter of minutes. Demi Lovato, a famous singer and Grammy award nominee is one of the latest victims to fall prey to cancel culture, which according to Merriam Webster...

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