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Link Between Crimes and Substance Abuse in Juveniles and Its Prevention Strategies

There has been several studies on the relationships between juvenile drug use and violent crimes. Although the primary focus of this review will juveniles in America, it is important to mention juvenile delinquency is not uncommon and is a very serious issue across the world....

The D.A.R.E Program: Lessons Learned to Prevent Drug Abuse

The D.A.R.E program explains about drugs, alcohol and behavior, using real life examples. I enjoyed that a lot, because not only would we learn about each lesson but we would also have a true example of situations that we could get caught up in life....

Social Media Dangers Showcased in the D.A.R.E

Do you know that social media may be very harmful for you and others around you? The D.A.R.E program in my school allows student to learn about common human mistakes from the experienced expert Corporal Gonzalez. She showed us pictures, told stories and even let...

Combating High School Drug Usage with D.A.R.E Program

High school drug usage has significantly impacted the younger generation throughout history. By analyzing the current drug trends among high school students and their lasting effects on their well-being, astonishing statistics reveal the prevalence of alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine usage in today's youth. With a...

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