The D.A.R.E Program: Lessons Learned to Prevent Drug Abuse

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The D.A.R.E program explains about drugs, alcohol and behavior, using real life examples. I enjoyed that a lot, because not only would we learn about each lesson but we would also have a true example of situations that we could get caught up in life. I believe D.A.R.E is extremely helpful by alerting us of the dangers that drugs, and alcohol can provide us. It was a cool and nice way to learn about important stuff. I believe all schools should adopt the D.A.R.E program.

D.A.R.E explained to us in details about the facts and effects of using alcohol, tobacco, cocaine and marijuana. It also taught us how to make safe and responsible choices as well as a few resistance strategies that were very helpful while dealing with peer pressure. I am sure that I will use all these helpful assignments for the rest of my life. The D.A.R.E program taught us about a very popular and extremely important topic, Bullying. It showed us how important it is to report a case of bullying to our responsible adult. A case of bullying can create serious problems in the future life of the kid, and it might all had started by a silly joke. We have learned how to analyze each case of bullying with the five W’s of reporting bullying.

With all the lessons that I have learned in the D.A.R.E program I will be able to make safe and responsible choices. It helps a lot to stay away and say no to use drugs, alcohol and tobacco if we know how harmful and addictive they can be. All these drugs can be good for a short period of time but in the future they will all bring you down and eventually they will win. Having that in my mind will make me strong to always make safe and responsible choices avoiding the use of all drugs and getting addicted. I loved D.A.R.E so much we got to learn extremely important things and even try on some drunk goggles. Not only that but I how to be responsible and I now know how to step away from bad situations like peer pressure. Now I will make my promise to not to do drugs and to avoid violence. “I Luca Rodriguez promise to remain drug and violence.”

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