Deviant Behaviour as a Reason to Seek Counseling

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There are some issues and situations for which people seek counselling. Abuse - there are many different types of abuse. Some of them are a domestic violence and child abuse when one member of family can hurt another, to make a physical pain, to damage his/her health. Other type of abuse is called emotional/psychological abuse when one person can manipulate, humiliate, insult another.

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Adolescence - there is a complicated period for a young person. Because now, a young person is not a child, but also he/she is not an adult too. The young person can suffer from moods swings, difficulties to understand his/her feelings. Young people start to worry about their body’s changes. Friends’s opinion become more important that their family (there is really important for parent do not lose a contact with a young person).

Abortion is a very painful experience for women when they have or had to make a decision to stop being pregnant. These women often have left alone with their inner pain. Bullying is a behaviour or an action when one person or group of people humiliate, hurt, tease someone who is unable to defend himself/herself. A offender is often physically stronger that offended person. The bullying is very common among children and teenagers. Eating disorders is when a person has an unhealthy attitude to food and distorted image of his/her body (an unreasonable belief that they have overweight.) The most common eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia.

Addiction - there are a lot of different addictions (alcohol, drugs, smoking…) when people can not control their behaviour, actions. These behaviour and actions are often dangers and harmful not only for their health, but that can destroy their life, family, lose their jobs. Financial difficulties - there are difficulties for managing finances. People do not have knowledges how manage their finances. They can spend more money than they get incomes.

Borrowing from banks and other people, inability to repay money back. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an emotional disorder, a reaction of a person to a very stressful, distressing events (sexual abuse, physical violence, car accident…). A result of this experience are sleeping problems, nightmarish dreams, concentrating difficulties, attack of angry, a physical reaction like a rapid pulse, breathing.

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