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Visual Snow Syndrome Symptoms and Treatment

Visual Snow Syndrome is a neurological disorder in which one’s vision is covered in small, dot-like shapes that resemble static from a television, and “snow”. In addition, those affected often experience impaired night vision, double or after images, sensitivity to light, and floaters. A floater...

Lack of Vision Impairment Awareness in Asia-Pacific Region

Blindness and vision impairment remain a major public health issue not only in rural but also in urban areas Asia Pacific. 90% of the world’s blindness exists in developing countries, and over half of all blindness occurs in the Asia Pacific. Poverty and blindness are...

Study on How Far Human Eye Can See

If I ask you why vision is that much important for human lives, can you answer? Probably, a person who is not from the medical background will not have that much understanding of this. So, we tend to believe, the eyes of vision are only...

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