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Gambling and Its Positive and Negative Effects on Society

In today’s society, Gambling is becoming more and more widespread, you must look at the positives and negative aspects of the casino establishments being built and how these establishments effect the community surrounding them. It is proven that casinos boost the economy by providing jobs...

The Slot Mania: The Alarming Rise of the Gambling Problem

The Number of legal Gambling money spent in 2017 was $500 billion(Bluth). There they go again putting money into risky games and bets. Gambling is playing games of chance with hopes to win money.The real question, is who really wins in Gambling and why do...

Determinents of Demand for Gambling Businesses

Most studies from the region concurred that young males face a higher risk for gambling disorder (Sharp, Dellis, Hofmeyr, Kincaid & Ross, 2015), however, young females’ increasing involvement especially in “closet” forms of gambling, including mobile internet-based lotteries and games (Ahaibwe, Lakuma, Katunze & Mawejje,...

The Religious and Societal Perception of Gambling

Introduction Since gambling is becoming even more a part of our modern world, either through the internet or through gambling institutions (casinos), it seems a fair task to try to determine if gambling is an ethical act. The view that gambling has obtained to our...

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