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Substance Abuse As a Human Worlwide Problem

 Harold Rosenberg, Kristine T. Philips (2003) in their article discuss about acceptability and availability of harm reduction interventions for drug abuse in American substance abuse treatment agencies. A quantitative empirical study was conducted on a sample of 500 random American substance abuse treatment agencies, with...

Implication of Substance Abuse and Full-Time Addiction

Substance abuse is an issue that most people believe or think happens to other people or families. But substance abuse is actually a condition of being human. It is only an issue of which substance the individual chooses. The substance an individual chooses has a...

Why Alcohol Should Be Made Illegal to Heavy Drinkers

There are many people who enjoy drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a chemical substance which is considered an intoxicating agent found in distilled liquors. This substance is usually consisting of 95 percentage ethanol and 5 percentage water. Drinking alcohol can affect harmfully if consumers drink alcohol...

The Effects of Alcoholism on Health and Life

Alcoholism is very prevalent in today’s society. It has actually been prevalent for much longer, but now with more laws and research surrounding it, there are more reasons than ever to be concerned about alcoholism. Many people believe that alcohol should be used to have...

Addiction Behaviour in the Alcohol Abuse Situation

Addiction is a behaviour which gives pleasure on temporary basis and have a long-term harmful effect for whole life. The addictive behaviours include drug addiction, sexual addiction, internet addiction, gambling etc. The most common cause for addiction is genetic Predisposition which means a person whose...

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