Implication of Substance Abuse and Full-Time Addiction

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Substance abuse is an issue that most people believe or think happens to other people or families. But substance abuse is actually a condition of being human. It is only an issue of which substance the individual chooses. The substance an individual chooses has a purpose in a person's life. In some ways it helps the individual feel better about a particular situation in which he lives. This substance or activity can tendency of altering one's perception of self and other stimuli. 

They go as far as altering our self-awareness and emotional conditions by offering comfort or solace directly or indirectly. The individual becomes habituated to the substance stimuli and thereby requires higher doses to achieve the same sensation of release or relief through frequent or chronic use. When we talk about substance abuse and its additive nature, we talk about drug addiction and derelicts on the street. Substance abuse also applied to the tobacco product and cannabis. The additive nature of these products has been seen for over the past 50 or 60 years. 

Most smokers don't consider themselves substance abusers. Everyone who is of sanity knows certainly well that the abuse of alcohol and other drugs is a social evil of immense proportion. Its victim goes beyond just the abusers, but also their families and countless others. Signs of Substance Abuse Substance abuse affects the people in all dealings of life. When substance abuse has grown to a full-time addiction, it becomes very difficult to stop. Substance abuse is harmful to the body, mind and emotion and can eventually become deadly. It's very important that you get help right away when you discover anyone around you who has such a problem. You can save a life by doing so. 

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Abuse of most substances shows-off noticeable signs and symptoms. There are physical symptoms such as glazed eyes, constricted pupils, sudden changes in weight, excessive use of a particular substance, an unusual smell from breath, familiar drug smell in body or clothing, impaired coordination, slurred speech and over sleeping or sleeplessness. There are also behavioral symptoms such as loss of memory, increased aggression, depression, paranoia, changes in personal attitude, changes in habit, flight of idea, drop in academic performance, an excessive and unexplained need for money, sudden change of friends, uncontrollable anger, and involvement in crime. 

However, these signs vary based on the substance. Addiction: How to Catch the behaviors? Once you spot these signs and symptom in an individual, ensure you go for drug testing so as to confirm the substance which is abused. It will be easier to help the individual to drop this harmful habit if you detect the drug abuse at the early stages. You can get an easy-to-use drug testing kit in the market. Use them at home, office or wherever convenient. Also note that FDA approved test kits give you quick and accurate results. 

Addiction recognition requires questioning and honesty from the addict, taking note of the different effects the abuse have caused in the person. Catching this tendency early is a way of liberating the person from the addiction. Medicinal Cannabis: What it is? Medical marijuana deals with the entire use of unprocessed marijuana plant, or its basic extracts to treat certain disorders or symptoms of diseases. Cannabinoids is the scientific study of marijuana chemicals which has led to the FDA's approval of two pill-shaped drugs that contain cannabinoids. It is certain that as more research proceeds, that more medications will be approved. 

Medical marijuana is a very generic term, in fact Cannabis has two varieties and both can be used as medicinal cannabis, marijuana and hemp; marijuana is a variety high in THC the psychoactive component of the plant is because this variety is more famous, hemp instead is a non-psychoactive variety that has been exploited for industrial purposes for many years, it's a few longer stems of which it is possible to take advantage of the fibers to produce, paper, cloth, and other biomaterials, in turn is used to extract their oils rich in cannabinoids for medicinal use. Due to the chemical contents of marijuana plants which are can be used in treating a wide variety of diseases and symptoms, many insist that its use for medicinal purposes should be legalized. However, many states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. 

Intervention on Substance Abuse: When an individual test positive for substance abuse, you need to provide him ample support towards the process of quitting the habit. It is usually normal for drug abusers to have an uncontrollable longing to abuse drugs. In this case, the family needs to come in so as to help the person mind stay away from drug abuse. The whole family needs to support the person during the process. During the process, the family should discuss ways to avoid this harmful habit. Generally, drug abusers don't always find it easy during this process, it is always a struggle. External support and guidance can be needed at some stage, it helps the person feel confident thereby overcoming the habit easily.   

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